WinRescue 7 1.08.48

Start by protecting your PC, create system restore points. WinRescue will prevent you from spending endless hours reinstalling Windows because of flaws or fatal errors.
WinRescue allows you to go back to the closest point in which the system worked correctly since it creates backup copies of dozens of important files, such as those which configure Windows start menu, the favorites, the Desktop appearance, etc.
On top of all this, WinRescue runs system optimizations and registry repairs, it removes unnecessary or obsolete shortcuts, among other tasks that benefit the computer.

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WinRescue 7 1.08.48
Operative system: Size:
7 1 Mb
Date Downloads
2010-09-14 1452
Web Minimum requirements PentiumĀ® III 250 Mhz / RAM: 256 MB
Licence Recommended requirements
PentiumĀ® IV 1,7 Ghz / RAM: 512 MB
Windows / Systems tools